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One of the most fabulous things about golf is the amazing travel that can be associated with the game. Some of the most beautiful golf courses are located in the most remarkable places across the world.

Like everything else in golf, travel used to be dominated by our male counterparts, but times have changed. Taking a ladies golf trip is a great way to bond and relax with your girlfriends.

The value of a great golf course is not the only thing woman are interesting in when planning a golf vacation. Here at TMI golf we understand the importance of good service, quality food, shopping, fitness and health all at a great price.

So let’s get out there and golf the world together! Happy Travels!

We love the Napa Valley for two main reasons; we work/live here and of course the WINE. Napa is a great place for a golf getaway. You can usually count on the weather here in Northern California which is an important factor for us golf lovers. Napa is about an hour drive from three major airports, San Francisco International, Sacramento and the Oakland airport. Napa can provide the ideal golf trip for any skill level at any budget. If a quality meal is important to you and your girlfriends, the food in Napa is world-renowned with several Michelin rated restaurants. If you choose Napa for your next escape you will not be disappointed.

Here are our Napa Valley recommendations:

Hotels and Golf:


Tara and I believe in a more quaint setting to taste wine so all of our recommendations are places that require an appointment.


The restaurants in Napa are among some of the best in the world. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Some of the more “local” spots:

If you decide to plan a trip to Napa and want more recommendation please send us an email and we would be glad to help.